Ziggy, Stardust & Me — Book Review


  Author:     James Brandon
   Genre:      YA/Contemporary
   Pages:      368
   Format:     hardback

Jonathan is sixteen years old, growing up in 1973. He struggles with his alcoholic father and his sexuality. He relies on his best friend Starla, and on the idea that his “treatments” will one day make him normal. And then a new boy named Web moves into town and he’s about to turn Jonathan’s world upside down. 

This book was absolutely mind-blowing amazing. A solid 5/5 stars for me. There is so much to unpack in this book. It was poignant and it was sad. This book touched on parts of history that people may not remember or realize. (It is definitely worth it to read the author’s note at the end.) 

Jonathan is a great character, he is clearly growing up and struggling to find himself. He firmly believes in certain things, but in others he doesn’t. He’s miserable at school (something kids who are bullied will relate to) and he has few friends. But Jonathan doesn’t let that deter him, he uses his imagination to fill those empty holes. 

This was a book that is still relevant to today’s events, and it was done in a way I thought was great — in introduced a section of society that is often marginalized in our history, and shows their strength. 

I had a hard time forming coherent thoughts after I read this because it was so powerful to me. Especially the ending — the ending made the entire novel. It was a truly magnificent book and I can’t wait to see what this author has for the future!

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