These Rebel Waves




Sara Raasch





Fantasy/Young Adult




















Three people — three different stories all twisted together. Lu is a former revolutionary, Vex a former prisoner turned pirate and Ben is a heretic. When a Argridian delegate vanishes during peace talks, they are all forced to make choices. Conspiracies arise and truths are revealed…will anyone be left standing at the end?


I will admit, I almost DNF’d after the prologue. I was really not drawn in by it, and I had no desire to continue. But, I decided to try reading some more hoping that it would get better from there. And it did! I was a bit afraid to keep going at first because Raasch throws A LOT of information at you. Sometimes it feels like it is a bit too much information. My mind felt like it was dying by about the third chapter. But I’m going to break it out — and tell you what I liked and didn’t like.

Things I absolutely loved:

  • The characters. I loved all three characters because they were all so different. They all brought something different to the table, and I really liked that. None of them felt like your traditional characters. All had flaws, all were not totally good. I really, really liked that.
  • The overall world building. It was super intimidating at first and overwhelming. But Raasch did a really nice job with creating three distinct societies.
  • Plus, how all the characters interacted with each other. REALLY liked that. And the ending was awesome.

Things I liked:

  • POV switching. While it could be slightly confusing at first, it eventually gets better. And as we switch through the POVs we begin to learn more and more about each society. And I liked that.

Things I didn’t really like:

  • Too much world building being thrown at you at once. It was highly overwhelming and I almost gave up on it.
  • POV switching. I wish it had been done a little better because as I said, it was a little confusing at first. But as you learn the characters mannerisms you quickly figure out whose chapter you’re in.


Ben is our religious prince. He’s the one who is considered a heretic due to his interest in magic. He also has a male love interest, which is a very intriguing subplot overall.

I loved them both so much that it must make me evil, too.

I think that is one of his more powerful quotes within the book. It really sets up his character arc beautifully.

Vex is the pirate. He seems to have no allegiance to anyone, but is well spoken. He is knowledgeable about a great many things, and seems fairly invested in certain outcomes.

Not that I’m a huge proponent of the syndicates — they definitely have their flaws, too — but they aren’t wholly bad. And the Council isn’t wholly good.

Vex is a truly multifaceted character.

And finally, Lu, our fighter.

Maybe healing balm. Maybe poisonous oils from Digestive leaves.

Lu is an idealist, but she also doesn’t let people get away with anything either. She is a powerful character in her own right. Both with words and actions.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the whole book.

Ben started up the stairs, climbing for the light.


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