The Hazel Wood


  Author:     Melissa Albert
   Genre:    Young Adult/Fantasy
   Pages:      N/A
   Format:     audiobook


I know reading this as an actual book would have been tough for me. I think I would have gotten bored with it, but as an audiobook I really enjoyed it. I think there is something about having a fairyale read to you that makes all the difference, and this book certainly read like a fairytale — like one of the dark ones.

And I loved it.

It was gorgeously written, I was sucked into the ambience of the book, of how Alice spoke, of how she felt. Alice, while annoying at times, did feel like a real in-depth character. She had multiple facets to her personality. Finch too, was a great character. And even though the majority of the time they were in the background both Althea and Ella were strong characters.

The plot felt very character driven in some ways. Yes, Alice goes on an adventure, but it is her developing personality and the truth of her that helps push the story along. It was a well done plot, and one that didn’t feel like it was made overly convoluted, or too simple. It read just right for me.

Honestly the world felt so lush, so real, and everything that Albert did made it wonderful. The minor characters, the theme, the atmosphere, it all worked really well together.

This has been one of my favorite books of the year! I really enjoyed it.

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