The Belles


  Author:     Dhonielle Clayton  
   Genre:      YA/Fantasy
   Pages:      440
   Format:     hardback

The Belles is about a fictional world in which Camellia is a Belle. She and her fellow Belles “treat” customers by changing their looks for money. The ideal spot is to be with the royals, and so they all compete for that spot. But not all is as it seems…Camellia begins to learn there are darker things lurking in the shadows, like the mystery that surrounds the Belles themselves.

The Belles, I will admit, was not on my list to read simply because of the name. Here I was, terribly misinformed, thinking it was about a pageant. Which is generally uninteresting to me. In any shape or form.

But for some strange reason (reason being: I am addicted to books and thought the cover was pretty) I picked it up, went, “OH!” and read it all in one night. Suffice to say, I liked it a lot! (Loved it, even!) 

Even better was it was taking what is considered “modern day problems” and translating them into a well thought out fantasy world. It was seamless, it felt as if that world could really exist. It was a beautiful concept and I really liked it. 

I liked the writing too! It was lovely and beautiful. The book was highly descriptive, but not in a way that seems to go on and on forever, but in a way that actually had purpose and meaning. It either built the world, the plot or the characters and that made me so happy! 

I did enjoy this one immensely, I think the only thing for me was the characters were good — but they might have been better. 

I cannot recommend this book enough! 


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