Author:     Fiona Barton
   Genre:      Mystery
   Pages:      364
   Format:     e-book

A child’s body is found buried when construction is started on an old house. A reporter decides she wants to know who this child is. Another woman thinks this child is her missing daughter and a third has a secret she is terrified of sharing. As their stories weave together, you wonder, what is the truth?

I enjoyed the book, no doubt about that. And I will say, it was a mystery that twisted and turned and you weren’t sure what was coming next. I will say, as endings go, it wasn’t terribly surprising to me.

Perhaps I’ve just read enough mysteries with this similar idea, and had already parsed out what was going to happen.

I will say this, the shorter chapters definitely helped keep you interested. I think it would have been boring at parts if they weren’t short.

Overall I did enjoy the writing of this book, and will be sure to check out her other book as well.