When a reaper comes to collect Wallace Price from his own funeral, Wallace suspects he really might be dead.

Instead of leading him directly to the afterlife, the reaper takes him to a small village. On the outskirts, off the path through the woods, tucked between mountains, is a particular tea shop, run by a man named Hugo. Hugo is the tea shop’s owner to locals and the ferryman to souls who need to cross over.

But Wallace isn’t ready to abandon the life he barely lived. With Hugo’s help he finally starts to learn about all the things he missed in life.

When the Manager, a curious and powerful being, arrives at the tea shop and gives Wallace one week to cross over, Wallace sets about living a lifetime in seven days.

By turns heartwarming and heartbreaking, this absorbing tale of grief and hope is told with TJ Klune’s signature warmth, humor, and extraordinary empathy. 

oh no oh NO

I was so excited for this book that I preordered the signed, sprayed edges edition from Waterstones. The book is stunningly gorgeous, I will say that. Last year, House on the Cerulean Sea topped my list of favorite 2020 books. And previously his indie series were some of my favorites. I went into this book expecting to love it, especially because so many people said it made them ugly cry. I was prepared; I brought tissues and everything for my lunch break, 100% prepared to have to explain to my coworkers why I was sobbing my heart out in the middle of the day. Little did I expect…that I wasn’t going to like the book.

While I didn’t hate the book, I also didn’t love it either. It’s a firmly middle ground book that I might try again in half a year or something. As I read it, I just found…I struggled to get into it. I like books with lots of characterization and character focus. Addie LaRue for example. I VERY much enjoyed that book. But this one…just didn’t work for me in the same way. It was slow, but slow in a way that I found uninteresting at best. Which is odd, because I love slow books. Just…something didn’t click with me in regards to this book.

The concept of the book was very neat, and I thought that was interesting, but I kept having to restrain the urge to skip through parts where I felt nothing was happening, plot wise or character wise. Which was very frustrating for me because I was trying to get myself to like the book.

I also liked the variety of characters that were included in the book. I think they could have been so much more interesting, but for the most part I felt apathy about them all. On top of that the romantic relationship just didn’t work for me.

I also love Klune’s writing. He’s got such a great writing style, but in this case, the book overall didn’t work for me with his writing style. I don’t know what happened.

This is one of those books that is going to go on my shelf because it’s a special edition and one that I might see if a change of mood will make me like it.

Suffice to say I am heartbroken and disappointed that I didn’t love the book.

Kara Sullivan’s life is full of love—albeit fictional. As a bestselling romance novelist and influential bookstagrammer, she’s fine with getting her happily-ever-after fix between the covers of a book.

But right now? Not only is Kara’s best friend getting married next week—which means big wedding stress—but the deadline for her next novel is looming, and she hasn’t written a single word. The last thing she needs is for her infuriating first love, Ryan Thompson, to suddenly appear in the wedding party. But Ryan’s unexpected arrival sparks a creative awakening in Kara that inspires the steamy historical romance she desperately needs to deliver.

With her wedding duties intensifying, her deadline getting closer by the second and her bills not paying themselves, Kara knows there’s only one way for her to finish her book and to give her characters the ever-after they deserve. But can she embrace the unlikely, ruggedly handsome muse—who pushes every one of her buttons—to save the wedding, her career and, just maybe, write her own happy ending?

You know those books that just make you melt? That you can’t help but sigh and say, “oh, I just love this!”? This is one of those books. It was so cutesy and was so sweet that my teeth still hurt thinking about it. Okay I lie, there is a lots of banter and enemies to lovers in this book and it was done so well. I honestly was just inhaling my favorite things, books and enemies to lovers. Lauren recommended it to me, and I am so glad I picked it up. It was exactly what I needed.

This book is hilarious on so many levels. Kara and Ryan had a falling out in college. Mostly due to some terrible communication issues, but when he appears at a friends wedding Kara is forced to talk to him. Unfortunately for Kara, he becomes her muse as she is stuck on writing a steamy book that is due for publication. Oh dear…now she has to find a way to deal with him so she can write and turn in her book.

As far as an enemies to lovers plot goes this was so well done. Then you can’t help but root for the two of them to succeed. Their banter is some of the best that I have read. It reminded me very much of Christina Lauren banter, and the whole book was just so delicious. It made me smile more than once.

Of course, there HAS to be an obstacle/angst that might prevent their happy ending (GRRR GRRR GRRR) but never fear, our lovebirds do get a HEA in this one. I love a good HEA and this one is just so dang adorable. There were quite a few angsty parts in the middle of this book, which is why I ended up docking it a star, it just felt a bit over the top and contrived (given I know this is a romance book but STILL). I like my characters to be happy, and have obstacles that have to face together. But whatever, minor point there.

It was a well written and quick read that helped soothe me and gave me many smiles. This book also mentioned the book community, specifically bookstagram and I thought that was a neat little nod to that community and the work that they do!

Overall, this was a sweet romcom that I enjoyed!

Title: You Should See Me in a Crown
Author:  Leah Johnson
Genre: Young Adult, contemporary, LGBTQ+
Publisher: Scholastic Inc
Release Date: June 2, 2020
Format: e-book
Page Count: 368
Source: Library Borrow

Goodreads Synopsis

Liz Lighty has always believed she’s too black, too poor, too awkward to shine in her small, rich, prom-obsessed midwestern town. But it’s okay — Liz has a plan that will get her out of Campbell, Indiana, forever: attend the uber-elite Pennington College, play in their world-famous orchestra, and become a doctor.

But when the financial aid she was counting on unexpectedly falls through, Liz’s plans come crashing down . . . until she’s reminded of her school’s scholarship for prom king and queen. There’s nothing Liz wants to do less than endure a gauntlet of social media trolls, catty competitors, and humiliating public events, but despite her devastating fear of the spotlight she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get to Pennington.

The only thing that makes it halfway bearable is the new girl in school, Mack. She’s smart, funny, and just as much of an outsider as Liz. But Mack is also in the running for queen. Will falling for the competition keep Liz from her dreams . . . or make them come true? 


I’ve been excitedly waiting to get my hands on a copy of this book, so I was so pleased when I did. I’d heard nothing but good things about it, and they were all true. It definitely lived up to my expectations and it was truly a delightful story. There is something to be said for a book that gives you so much and does it well! I felt that this book hit all the right marks and is a four star read. It is one I have already suggested that my library buy. So, what are the things I enjoyed about it?

Well, I generally hate prom oriented books. They’re not my favorite in the world. But I liked how prom was tackled in this one. I thought it was well done and delightfully created. I think using prom as a theme for the book was a great choice because it is so relevant to many teens around the US and elsewhere. Or any dance. There is nothing quite like prom. So first off, this book made me enjoy a book with a prom theme!

Second, I liked Liz. Liz is a fantastically relatable character in many respects, and will be more so for people who identify with her. While I didn’t face any of the same challenges she did (nor did I get as good grades!) she feels like the way a normal teen these days would act, or would be. She just flew off the page and felt vibrant and alive. It was wonderful to see Liz and her growth and her strength. She’s an amazing character and I think a great role model for girls.

What else was great? The friendships in this book. The rise and fall or the fall and rise and all the aspects therein. I felt Liz had good, complicated relationships with her friends. I think so many books either put the main character into one of two camps: popular with friends or unpopular with no friends. This book seems to strike a balance between that without feeling odd. It felt rather natural, including the issues people do have with friendships. I did think the friendship drama in this was a little odd – especially in regards to Gabi, but in the end, I think it worked out.

I think the romance was absolutely adorable in this one. I don’t want to give too much away. I know communication issues are pretty typical teen, but I didn’t love the way that happened in this book. I think that was one of the biggest issues for me. I don’t want to give too much away about the romance in this book, suffice to say it was adorable.

I loved the writing in this book! I think it was well written and easy to read. I blew through it in under three hours and just soaked it up. It felt like one of those feel good summer reads that leaves you sighing after and just enjoying. I love those type of books!

Title: More Than Maybe
Author:  Erin Hahn
Genre: Young Adult, contemporary, romance
Publisher: Wednesday Books
Release Date: July 21, 2020
Format: E-ARC
Page Count: 336
Source: ARC

Goodreads Synopsis

Growing up under his punk rocker dad’s spotlight, eighteen-year-old Luke Greenly knows fame and wants nothing to do with it. His real love isn’t in front of a crowd, it’s on the page. Hiding his gift and secretly hoarding songs in his bedroom at night, he prefers the anonymous comfort of the locally popular podcast he co-hosts with his outgoing and meddling, far-too-jealousy-inspiringly-happy-with-his-long-term-boyfriend twin brother, Cullen. But that’s not Luke’s only secret. He also has a major un-requited crush on music blogger, Vada Carsewell.

Vada’s got a five year plan: secure a job at the Loud Lizard to learn from local legend (and her mom’s boyfriend) Phil Josephs (check), take over Phil’s music blog (double check), get accepted into Berkeley’s prestigious music journalism program (check, check, check), manage Ann Arbor’s summer concert series and secure a Rolling Stone internship. Luke Greenly is most definitely NOT on the list. So what if his self-deprecating charm and out-of-this-world music knowledge makes her dizzy? Or his brother just released a bootleg recording of Luke singing about some mystery girl on their podcast and she really, really wishes it was her? 


Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this book, and I’m still not quite sure what I read, mostly because I felt I wasn’t totally liking the book at times. There were parts I really enjoyed and others I was just “meh” on. Overall, I think it was a good book, but nothing I thought was totally memorable for me personally. In the end I unfortunately don’t have much to say about the book as I felt that it was good for passing time, and a cute read.

The Writing
The writing was good! I think Hahn is a good writer, and I did enjoy the descriptions and the dialogue, i even enjoyed the chat conversations which I feel like can sometimes make things awkward in the book.

The Pacing
The pacing wasn’t great for me. In fact, I know at times during this book I began to zone out and I struggled to keep my attention focused on the book. It just wasn’t making me want more.

The Plot & Characters
Cute, again, like much of this book. Both the plot and characters were tied up with each other in this book, and it really doesn’t work without the other. Anyways, the plot was fine and I really enjoyed the subplot about families, and I think that was well done. The romances in this book were cute all around, and again, the relationships between the characters were crafted nicely.

I think this book just wasn’t for me overall. Something about it just didn’t click. And therefore it is a me, not the book kind of thing! If you like music and such you will probably love this book!


Author: Sandhya Menon
Series: St. Rosetta’s Academy #1
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 384
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Format: hardcover
Publication Date: February 18th 2020

Will the princess save the beast?

For Princess Jaya Rao, nothing is more important than family. When the loathsome Emerson clan steps up their centuries-old feud to target Jaya’s little sister, nothing will keep Jaya from exacting her revenge. Then Jaya finds out she’ll be attending the same elite boarding school as Grey Emerson, and it feels like the opportunity of a lifetime. She knows what she must do: Make Grey fall in love with her and break his heart. But much to Jaya’s annoyance, Grey’s brooding demeanor and lupine blue eyes have drawn her in. There’s simply no way she and her sworn enemy could find their fairy-tale ending…right?

His Lordship Grey Emerson is a misanthrope. Thanks to an ancient curse by a Rao matriarch, Grey knows he’s doomed once he turns eighteen. Sequestered away in the mountains at St. Rosetta’s International Academy, he’s lived an isolated existence—until Jaya Rao bursts into his life, but he can’t shake the feeling that she’s hiding something. Something that might just have to do with the rose-shaped ruby pendant around her neck…

As the stars conspire to keep them apart, Jaya and Grey grapple with questions of love, loyalty, and whether it’s possible to write your own happy ending. 

I got really tired of retellings, especially fantasy ones several months ago, and so I hesitated to read this one at the time. I am SO GLAD that I waited. Because I feel that I really wouldn’t have enjoyed this book if I had read it when I first wanted to. (Okay, February, but still.) I enjoyed this book, and I felt that it was a read I had fun with, and one that I liked. This is a 3.5 stars for me.

Now, I LOVED the writing in here. That alone is enough to convince me to try Menon’s other works. The writing was absolutely delightful and I feel the way that she depicted the characters made them come off the page with how she wrote them. It was also nice because we had two POVs, and they were clear, distinct voices. To me, that is a huge plus. Sometimes multiple POVs can sound the same because it is the author writing it, but this was not the case here.

The pacing for this book worked. We have nice pacing throughout the book. It is steady, consistent pacing. It isn’t action packed or fast, but there are events that happen that propel the plot forward. However, to me, the pacing was well done as it steps what is happening up the further along you get in the book all the way to the end.

This is pretty much a beauty and the beast plot line with a contemporary twist and I enjoyed that about this book! It was a different take without being too much of an exact replica. I also appreciated that there were multiple other characters who appeared and were fleshed out.

There were a lot of interesting subplots happening throughout this book, and it helped keep the book moving forward. To me, that was really successful. I like plots that keep me engaged.

Jaya is my love! I love Jaya’s character, and I think it was amazing to see a totally different take on “beauty”. We get to see a strong, young woman who is struggling to figure out herself. Jaya’s journey in this was really powerful, and there were some great moments with Jaya as she goes through her ARC.

The romance was low-key, enemies to lovers in this book. Yes, there was some romance, but to me, a big portion of this book was focused on familial duty, sisterhood and friendships. And that was all excellent.

Grey wasn’t my favorite character, but I still enjoyed his chapters. He’s broody, but has emotions and he has to deal with those. Grey also has a character arc, but I feel for me at least, his ending was a little sudden. I wanted to see a bit more progression like we did with Jaya.

I liked this book! I enjoyed reading it, and I got lost in the book for hours as I read it. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys retellings, contemporary romance, or the enemies to lovers trope.

  Author:     Auriane Desombre
   Series:    N/a
   Genre:    Young Adult, contemporary, romance
   Pages:    320
   Publisher:     Underlined
   Format:   e-arc
   Publication Date:     June 2, 2020


Arch-nemeses Emma, a die-hard romantic, and more-practical minded Sophia find themselves competing against one another for a coveted first-prize trip to a film festival in Los Angeles . . . what happens if their rivalry turns into a romance? For fans of Becky Albertalli’s Leah on the Offbeat, full of laugh-out-loud humor and make-your-heart-melt moments.


Thank you to NetGalley and Underlined for this e-arc in exchange for an honest review!

I’m always looking for a funny, feel good romance that is queer. I so very much wanted to love this book, but I only ended up liking it. I felt that overall, there were some really good points in the book, and at other times the book fell really low and didn’t do anything for me. First off, I want to say how much I loved the rep in this book. It was one of my favorite parts. We’ve got bi Emma (hi, yes, I am ALWAYS looking for a good bi character I can relate to!) and lesbian Sophia. I thought, what on earth could go wrong?

The Writing
The writing is lovely. I felt that it was one of the best parts of the book. Desombre is a lovely writer, and I think the book was easy to read, and it flowed well overall. The writing was delightful and smooth, and I loved that part of the book. I was impressed by it.

The Pacing
Funny enough, I thought the pacing in this book was rather good. There were events causing others to happen, and I think the pacing worked. I never felt we got bogged down or were sped through something too fast. I think it was just right for what this book was. And sometimes with these romances, that happens. In this case I am pleased to say that the pacing and the writing together worked wonders.

The Plot
I even mostly liked the plot. There were a couple moments in this book in which I thought the plot was rather “eh” overall, especially because I felt that it was dramatic. And I understand it was supposed to be dramatic. I just didn’t love that, and so for me, that’s something more personal rather than critical. One plot point I really did love was the discussion of sexuality that is really candid between Emma and Sophia. I really appreciated the nuanced conversations they have, and their remarks in general. It was done well.
The film plot was interesting, but I sometimes felt that it was awkward, or forced at times, but that may tie into my feelings on the characters themselves.

The Characters
So, the characters. Surprisingly, I didn’t really hate either of the protagonists. I know I said I didn’t love this book, but I did like it. I liked it enough that I think it has some merit to it. While Emma was a rom-com diehard, and at times, I felt she was annoying, I also felt that it was a real enough quality, that Emma herself felt somewhat real. So when she aggravated me, I realized this was the author giving her flaws. Same for Sophia and her anti-love statements. However, I do think Sophia felt a little more fleshed out, and a bit of a stronger character. I enjoyed reading her portions far more than Emma’s.
The romance also felt a little forced, and a little too quick, but perhaps that is because of how it came about. It was nothing egregious, I just didn’t love the way it happened. I loved enemies to friends and so on, but this just didn’t quite work all the way for me.

I think it was a cute book. The cover is adorable, and I loved the idea. I even liked the characters. And as I said, it just didn’t fully work for me. This was not a bad book by any stretch of the imagination, it was rather lovely, but it wasn’t perfect for me personally. I am always looking for good bi rep, and this did have it. So, it does get good points for that!


  Author:     Amanda Sellett
   Series:    N/a
   Genre:    Young Adult, contemporary, romance
   Pages:    384
   Publisher:    HMH Books For Young Readers
   Format:   e-arc
   Publication Date:     May 12, 2020


As a devotee of classic novels, Mary Porter-Malcolm knows all about Mistakes That Have Been Made, especially by impressionable young women. So when a girl at her new high school nearly succumbs to the wiles of a notorious cad, Mary starts compiling the Scoundrel Survival Guide, a rundown of literary types to be avoided at all costs.

Unfortunately, Mary is better at dishing out advice than taking it—and the number one bad boy on her list is terribly debonair. As her best intentions go up in flames, Mary discovers life doesn’t follow the same rules as fiction. If she wants a happy ending IRL, she’ll have to write it herself. 


Thank you to NetGalley and HMH Books for Young Readers for this e-arc in exchange for an honest review!

First off, the cover was adorable and the title was amazing. That convinced me to request the book, and then the description…it seemed like it would be the perfect book for me. I am pleased to announce: if you haven’t read this book you are going to love it when it comes out. There is so much to love packed into this book. I mean, it was so good I was having trouble forming coherent thoughts. This is a romantic comedy. This is a good falling in love book. Honestly, I could sing this books praises all day long.

The Writing
First, Sellet has an amazing voice. I started reading this book and went “oh my god, oh my god” because the writing was out of this world fantastic. I cannot even put into words how much I loved the writing. It was so good I think I was drooling. (I’m kidding…but seriously, the writing is top notch and it is beautiful). The quality was there and I flew through this book in between another one I was reading. I just didn’t want to stop reading it, but I also didn’t want to finish it because it was so good.

The Pacing
The pacing worked very well for me. There were no weird or jarring moments, and therefore, I have almost nothing to say regarding pacing. It worked. The characters and the plot melded together creating perfect pace and atmosphere for me.

The Plot
Let’s talk about the plot…the plot that is the characters. Because there is a plot, but most of it is focused on character driven arcs and character relationships. Done well, it can be one of my favorite things to read, and this was done really well. We have Mary, our title character, who loves books and is new to her school. There she makes some friends, and if you’ve read the summary, you know what the book is about, but in any case, Mary’s arc is very much the plot of the book, and her growth as a character.
I also love resolutions of the issues in this book, unlike some books who don’t address problems, this one does, and does it very well.

The Characters
I don’t know if it is at all possible to talk about any of the characters without giving too much away, but I do want to say this: I loved them all. I loved very specific parts of this book so much so I want to go back and reread it immediately.
Mary is a fun character. I think she is relatable, quirky, has faults but is also supremely adorable. I love her. She may be one of my favorite characters.
Then you have her friends, and one thing I really loved about this book was how friendship was featured. How well it was developed and how honest it felt. It was one of my favorite parts in the whole book. Mary and Arden and Lydia and Terry were all fabulous characters and I would love to see them and their own books in the future.
I also loved the romance in this book. I felt the setup for it was great. I mean, I knew what was going to happen, and I knew some plot points I had guessed at, but it didn’t make the book any less fun, in fact, I loved that this book did and didn’t take itself seriously. There was so much to love about these characters and the relationships that they formed with each other.
Mary’s family was great too, I loved how it was function dysfunctional family. It was great, and I am sitting here trying to figure out how to phrase it an unable to.

If you couldn’t tell, this was a five star read for me. This book was so amazing, and I absolutely loved it. It drew me in, and kept me reading. I am so excited because I am sure going to be ordering the final copy of this book when it comes out. I liked the book that much – and when it comes out, I am begging you all to try it.


Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


  Author:     Katherine Center
   Genre:    contemporary
   Format:   e-arc


Samantha Casey loves everything about her job as an elementary school librarian on the sunny, historic island of Galveston, Texas—the goofy kids, the stately Victorian building, the butterfly garden. But when the school suddenly loses its beloved principal, it turns out his replacement will be none other than Duncan Carpenter—a former, unrequited crush of Sam’s from many years before.

When Duncan shows up as her new boss, though, he’s nothing like the sweet teacher she once swooned over. He’s become stiff, and humorless, and obsessed with school safety. Now, with Duncan determined to destroy everything Sam loves about her school in the name of security—and turn it into nothing short of a prison—Sam has to stand up for everyone she cares about before the school that’s become her home is gone for good.


I have never read anything by this author before, so I was stepping into the unknown. I like to expand my horizons in what I read, and this book seemed to fit the bill. It was a quick read, and it was overall satisfying to me. I will say that it wasn’t at all what I was expecting or what I would normally read. Nonetheless, I thought that the book was enjoyable. This was a solid 3.5 stars for me. I don’t have a whole lot to say about the book in general.

The Writing
I liked the writing in this book. Center’s writing was easy to read and it flowed. I finished this book in about two hours, maybe a little less. This is because I felt that the book’s writing was working well with everything else. It wasn’t overly descriptive, and the dialogue was good as well. I think the writing was a solid foundation that the rest of the book is set on.

The Pacing
I didn’t particularly have a huge problem with the pacing, but I will say at some points the pacing left me a little annoyed. This is mostly because it felt like we were going somewhere then suddenly it slowed down again. This was a problem for me as it was slightly jarring at times. Otherwise, I think it all worked.

The Plot
The plot was far more character driven than it was action driven. The teachers and staff essentially band together to prevent their school from being changed. This was mostly the action plot with a small subplot involving our characters trying to make someone happy again. It was a simple plot, but it worked. It wasn’t convoluted because there was no need for it to be. In fact, I loved it for that reason.

The Characters
The characters are the real stars of this book. I enjoyed the characters immensely and I think that Center did a good job with them. I didn’t dislike any of the characters (okay, I did hate two of them, but because we were supposed to!) and felt that all of their development was nicely done. Much of the development we get for them has occurred off screen, except for a few moments. There is nothing wrong with that.
Underlying the characters and plot is the romance. The romance doesn’t take up a large portion of the book, and in fact, how it is incorporated is lovely. It just becomes another aspect to the characters and plot.

I enjoyed the book; I can say that much. It was a soothing read, and it was lighthearted for the most part. I laughed at a couple points and overall I enjoyed myself while reading it. There were some fun moments as well as some serious ones.

Note: This has been re-published (and updated) today, March 3, 2020 from November 23, 2019.

  Author:     Sophie Gonzales
   Genre:    YA/contemporary romance
   Pages:    n/a
   Format:   e-arc


Summer love…gone so fast.

Ollie and Will were meant to be a summer fling—casual, fun, and done. But when Ollie’s aunt’s health takes a turn for the worse and his family decides to stay in North Carolina to take care of her, Ollie lets himself hope this fling can grow to something more. Dreams that are crushed when he sees Will at a school party and finds that the sweet and affectionate (and comfortably queer) guy he knew from summer isn’t the same one attending Collinswood High.

Will is more than a little shocked to see Ollie the evening of that first day of school. While his summer was spent being very much himself, back at school he’s simply known as one of the varsity basketball guys. Now Will is faced with the biggest challenge of his life: follow his heart and risk his friendships, or stay firmly in the closet and lose what he loves most.


Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher, I received an eArc of this book in exchange for a honest review.

Ollie has a summer fling, but when a family emergency forces him to move into the town where his summer fling lives, things don’t go as expected. In fact, Will is cold towards him. Ollie can’t figure him out, but as he makes friends he realizes that he doesn’t have to compromise himself and fall in love with the guy. Right?

First off, I want everyone to read this book the moment it comes out. It deserves so much love. I absolutely adored it. I was grinning from ear to ear while reading it, but I was also frowning and honestly I had such an amazing time reading it. I loved it. LOVED. I couldn’t be happier. I think so much was done so well in this book, and I feel as if it was real. That I was actually there. This is absolutely a five star rating. No doubt about it. I can’t wait to go out and buy this book when it publishes.

First Ollie is adorable. I think Ollie is one of those characters that is easy to like. He isn’t annoying, he doesn’t say annoying things, and the choices he makes throughout this book are all reasonable ones! He felt like a teen, like a teen I might have been! I didn’t want to smack him once! (In terms of how sometimes I feel people portray little kids as teens or adults as teens.) In fact, I rooted for him the whole way through. He was a cute and quirky character and I loved that about him.

Will too, is a great character. Like Ollie is he is multifaceted and there is more than one side to him. It made the book more enjoyable to read that way. In fact, most of the characters had more to them than first meets the eye and I really appreciated that. I can’t express enough how much the representation in this book meant. It meant a whole lot. (I’m repetitive, I know. But seriously, my mind melted in a good way when I read this book.)

Ollie is desperately trying not to be consumed by his crush on Will, as Will seems to be a totally different person from the summer. But on top of that Ollie’s family is having some difficulties. And I really felt for Ollie. I honestly cried at one point in the book because it felt so personal. So many parts felt personal to me. And I loved that I connected with this book on so many levels. The plot is a slow paced one, the romance is “slow burn” and very complicated. It takes up much of the book.

The writing is also such a joy and a pleasure to read. I zipped through this book and just couldn’t stop smiling. There are some really fun feel good moments in this book interspersed with some sadder moments. This book was based in family, friendship and love. It covered all three portions of that in a lovely way. I don’t have enough good things to say about this book. In fact, I am running out of words!

Overall, I am super hyped for this book when it comes out. I love a feel good romance, and this checked all the boxes of things I could want!


Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher, I received an eArc of this book in exchange for a honest review.


  Author:     Jenna Guillaume
   Genre:    YA/Contemporary
   Pages:    256
   Format:   E-Arc
You know all those movies where teenagers have, like, THE SUMMER OF THEIR LIVES?


This summer is probably not going to be that.

Source: Everything that’s happened since yesterday …

The last thing sixteen-year-old Maisie Martin thought she’d be doing this summer is entering a beauty pageant.

Not when she’s spent most of her life hiding her body from everyone.

Not when her Dad is AWOL for Christmas and her gorgeous older sister has returned to rock Maisie’s shaky confidence. And her best friend starts going out with the boy she’s always loved.

But Maisie’s got something to prove.

As she writes down all the ways this summer is going from bad to worse in her school-assignment journal, what starts as a homework torture-device might just end up being an account of how Maisie didn’t let anything, or anyone, hold her back…

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