How to Hack a Heartbreak




Kristin Rockaway

























Mel works at a tech start-up group, Hatch. But she’s miserable, she has her degree but instead she’s only fixing jerks’ computers. Not only that, the dating game sucks. After one too many dick pics, Mel goes nuclear — and creates her own app. But very quickly Mel ends up in over her head.


Never trust anything you read on the internet.

I picked this up because the cover was absolutely gorgeous. And I’m really glad I did because it was nothing like I expected. It was a romance, but it wasn’t a steamy romance. But more than that, it focused on current issues, and the success of women. I for one, enjoyed all of it.

While at times I didn’t like Mel (I thought she was overreacting) I realized that it was probably a very real reaction. Lots of women get unsolicited dick pics. I saw a couple reviews talking about how this book was saying “all men are bad” but I didn’t get that from this. What I got was a fictional book that took real life issues (which are very prevalent in some places) and turned them into a story. No, “not all men” are bad, but this book was focused on those type of men, so of course we’re not going to see all the good ones.

It wasn’t the first time a drunk dude had harassed any of us, and it surely wouldn’t be the last.

For a lot of women I think they’re going to find they relate to different aspects of the book, and I certainly did. Little pieces of everyday life trickle through, and it makes the book feel authentic and true to me. For example,

I couldn’t jettison my bra fast enough.

I’m sure some women relate to that — there are little things like this in the book that to me, makes it a lovely read. It was also a very quick read. It flowed from one plot point to the next, and I didn’t feel like it hiccuped too much.

While Mel’s friends weren’t totally fleshed out, I’m glad Rockaway spent some time on Mel’s friendships as well, they’re just as big an aspect of life as romance is. Sometimes it feels like in romance books all of that is shoved to the side for the sake of a romance. I’m really glad that the romance in this book didn’t do that to the friendships she had.

Overall, I was really pleased with this book, and I thought it was a fun and delightful (if at times serious) read!


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