House of Salt and Sorrows


Author:     Erin A. Craig   
Genre:    YA/Fantasy   
Pages:    416   
Format:   OWLCRATE Hardback   

Description: A retelling of the 12 Dancing Princesses, Annaleigh lives with her sisters and father in a manor by the sea. Her sisters are dying one by one, and Annaleigh is tormented by visions. All the while her sisters continue to sneak out to go dancing.


This book! I went into it with the expectation that I would like it, but I REALLY liked it. I thought it was a brilliant and clever take on the original story. Craig definitely knew what she was doing when she wrote this book. If you know the original story (and you don’t have to to read this book) then you’ll understand some parts…but not all of them. Nothing is as it seems in this book and Craig crafted it so very well.

It is filled with suspense and mystery, but it is also insanely atmospheric. You feel like you are there, at the manor on the edge of the sea. It is absolutely brilliant. (I know, I’ve said it before, but it was SO GOOD.)

Annaleigh was a great character. She was a bit of an unreliable narrator, so you weren’t totally sure of what was going on. And the further you get into the book the more the other characters get suspicious to you. And you start to wonder…and wonder some more…her sisters too, were interesting characters in their own right. Many of them simply supported the plot, but others were fully realized.

The plot — now that was awesome. I definitely wasn’t expecting what happened to happen — SERIOUSLY. I don’t want to spoil it too much, but just read it!

Craig’s writing was brilliant and I thought it was so well written. I kept getting lost in the story. (Okay, and I will admit, I read it while we were holed up during Hurricane Dorian, and than only added to the intensity.)

Anyways, go read this book! It is absolutely amazing!

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