Daughter of the Pirate King


Tricia Levenseller
Genre: YA/Fantasy
Pages: 311
Format: hardback

Alosa is the daughter of the pirate king, sent to to find and retrieve a map that leads to a magnificent treasure. To obtain said map she must get captured by another pirate crew and then escape with said map and Alosa is not at all daunted at this task — the only problem is Riden, the second mate.


I will admit, I took one look at this book, sniffed and said “I won’t read that”. Well, I am eating my words. Because not only did I read it, I really, really liked it! I had assumed it was going to be trite and boring, but it was neither of those things. It was satisfying, it was entertaining, and I chuckled a few times when I read it. It was a success.

It wasn’t a terribly long book to read, and that helped. It wasn’t unnecessarily drawn out. Normally I might be enjoyed by escape-and-capture or capture-and-escape plots, but Levenseller did a fantastic job of keeping it fresh. It wasn’t boring by any stretch.

The plot too was interesting, because you know why Alosa wants this map, you know what it is for, but there are sub plots brewing beneath the surface of this book, and it’s so fun to find them out as you read.

As far as other things go, the writing was nice, it was an easy, fast paced type of writing, not over-elaborate, and it kept me interested in continuing. The writing style worked perfectly for this book.

The only downside I will say is Alosa tends towards your typical YA heroine at the beginning and you want to roll your eyes. But, by the end you love her and the ends makes up for the beginning. Riden too, as a character is fleshed out enough he doesn’t just feel like a typical love interest. We’ve got some other side characters who fall into: typical enemy slots and some who are secondary but feel like they’re more interesting than the enemy characters.

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