Happy July one and all! I’m sorry for the long absence but it was for a good reason! I won’t go in depth on here, but suffice to say it was much needed! I do have a lot of reviews to post and catch up on, so you’ll see a barrage of new posts.

Some things that have happened recently:

  • I have modified my site slightly.
  • I got a new PC! Which means I can make edits and booktube videos more easily
  • I am busy with grad school
  • I’m not going to use twitter as much. My main places will be my blog and instagram.

Those are the main things, and I am still trying to find the perfect review style. Anyways, I am excited to be back!

Back on April 1st I posted on Twitter this:


It has taken me that long to get it up over here and explain what I’m doing. So sorry, I’ve been busy!!! Anyways, I’m going for Librarian! I’m doing the OWLS, but it will be seen if I manage to do the NEWTS.

Arithmancyread something outside your favorite genreAmerica’s Most Haunted
Ancient Runes heart on the cover or title Heartless
Defense Against the Dark Artsbook set at the sea/coastTo Kill a Kingdom
History of Magicbook featuring witches/wizards The Dark Tide
Transfigurationbook/series that includes shapeshiftingWild Magic

So far (as of the 5th…) I’ve completed two books!!! I am not surprised, as I was going to try and do the OWLS throughout the month, but the three I’m starting with are either library loans or books I don’t own.

Are you doing OWLS? If so, what is your career?

I’m participating in Bookending Spring this year, and you can find the challenge info here!

Yesterday’s prompt because I am perpetually a day late with these things.

Check out Sam’s post as the host here!


Take a picture of your bookshelves and/or stacks and explain how you organize your books!

I actually recently rearranged my shelves into a way that makes me happy. I loved my rainbow shelves, but I was sad none of my series were together, and so I changed that to this. Now I’ve put series and authors together as much as I could and I like it a whole lot more! I need another shelf, as you will see because there are books piled on the bottom.

Here’s another picture of the entire shelf:

How are your shelves rearranged?

I’m participating in Bookending Spring this year, and you can find the challenge info here!

Yesterday’s prompt (because I fell asleep at 7pm) is being posted today.

Check out Sam’s post as the host here!


Old books creating cobwebs and dust on your TBR? Create a list of backlists books you are attempting to finally get off your TBR this spring!

This prompt was knock-off to knock books off your TBR, but because I seem to have read through most of them (I wrote this like a week ago, and now I have something like 12 new books to read, but I still want to reread books so…I’m leaving it), I’m changing it up to books I want to reread! These are books that I read and either a) loved or b) just liked. These are books I want to read for enjoyment, but also to see if my opinion has changed. (and so I can write reviews…haha.)

Without further ado, here is the list…

Priory of the Orange Tree. This thing was intimidating the first time, and I keep putting off rereading it, because even for me it is hella long.

Grishaverse Trilogy. I want to reread the original trilogy. It’s been a bit…and I just feel like every time I read it, I like it a little bit more.

Daughter of Smoke & Bone series. I rushed through this the first time and flat out gave the entire series three stars. I feel like I’d like it more if I went back and reread it. I do own them all, after all.

Ember in the Ashes. I need to reread this series…! I liked it the first time I read it, and do not remember why I only gave Torch two stars?

Of Fire and Stars. Again, I plan on buying the sequel at some point, so I need to reread this one.

Strange Grace. Seriously loved the audiobook, but I feel I need to read this to get ALLL the details.

Heart of Thorns. Same as Strange Grace.

Anyways, it is a lot of books, but I feel that with sufficient time and energy I can get through all these. Maybe.

What are you looking at reading this spring?

This isn’t a blog meme, but it is a quick update!

I’ve switched commenting systems & added a follow button. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they’re all working now. Let me know if you find something isn’t working, please! I’d appreciate it!

I’m hoping to start planning out blog posts for a couple times a week, I’m usually pretty good at getting reviews up. Speaking of that, I’m switching my reviews on Sundays to a different day. I feel like it takes away from my Sunday Post.

Hope you all had a great weekend and have a fabulous Monday!