Big Little Lies — Book Review


  Author:     Liane Moriarty
   Genre:      mystery
   Pages:      460
   Format:     hardback

Three women become friends when their children go to the same school. This sets off a series of events that change all their lives — and the lives of the people around them. All three women are harboring secrets that could tear their lives apart. Can they keep these secrets or is it all going to come out?

I had heard so much about this book — and so I finally decided to give it a try. I went in expecting not to like it, but in fact, I liked it a lot! It was a great book!

I loved Moriarty’s writing, and I loved the suspense of the book as well. There was always something going on. It read as a fast paced mystery to me which was nice. One thing I really liked was some of the realism of the women in the book. Sometimes I feel like some of that realism is lost in books, but the friendships and the hatred of each other felt very real to me.

The interactions between all the other characters too, were great. While there was seemingly a million characters they all played important parts in the book. It didn’t feel as if there was any “fluff” or unnecessary parts. It kept the plot and the book moving.

It was just overall supremely well written and it made me go and pick up more of her books I enjoyed it so much! It was “fresh” as people like to say and I can’t suggest it enough for a summer read!

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