Aurora Rising — Book Review

Author: Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
Genre: YA/Science Fiction
Pages: 473
Format: hardback

It is 2380, and six cadets are assigned their first mission after their graduation from Aurora Academy. Tyler is the leader of this group — a group that can’t seem to get along with each other. That isn’t the only problem he’s got, he rescued a girl from a cryo-sleep of two hundred years. And for some reason, a war is going to be started over her??


I don’t like science fiction. I don’t read it — I can’t get into it. So why did I pick this book up? Why? I can’t explain it. Partially, I loved the cover and when I see pretty covers I get immediate desires to read them. That probably helped. Plus, I saw a lot of people were raving about it.

And finally, this tagline

They’re not the heroes we deserve. They’re just the ones we could find. Nobody panic

Yep. That got me. I LOVED that.

So — a four star rating for a sci-fi book from me. A huge shocker, but the real reason it got four stars? It was a superb book.

The characters were (yes, trope-y) funny, amusing and delightful in turns. Except maybe Cat who I often wanted to shake. She irritated me at times, but overall I adored these characters. They were great! The characters I thought, although they fell into some generalist patterns were still original enough that when they played off of each other their personalities really shone through. A+.

The plot too, was really well done. It felt like your typical space odyssey plot at first, but then it got more and more complicated and I really appreciated it. There was always something urgent pushing them forward. There were lulls of course, and yes, it was prose filled, but it all had a purpose and I loved that.

The writing too — it was amazing. I kept getting swept up and away in it. It felt as if I was there, with them too, living their lives. Also, the world building? Subtle, but there. We know hints of things, but we don’t know everything. We’re not overloaded with world building, but we get enough to know what is happening and what is going on. It’s splendid, because it means we can fill in the gaps with our minds until more information becomes available.

So a solid 4/5 stars for this book. And I will be eagerly awaiting the next (THAT ENDING THOUGH) book in the series.

I will say this: it really felt like a Star Trek: TOS or a Star Trek: TNG series. It was excellent and contained many things I liked in those, that I liked in this! So if you like Star Trek, you’re bound to like this one!

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