About Me

Hi there, my name is Meredith. I go by Mere, and it’s pronounced like “mare”.

I’m in my late twenties and I’m currently working in a library: one of my favorite places to be!

I like to sew and do creative crafts as well — here is a photo of me attempting to be Poppy from From Blood and Ash.

It was my mom and dad who gave me my passion for reading. There is little more that I love than reading. Sleeping perhaps. Having a good sweet dessert for another. And my cats. (Okay, and binge watching TV…apparently there are a lot of other things I love to do!)

So, I love to read, and that eventually led me to the current path I’m on: I work in a library. No, I do not get to read all day long. I wish I could, but we’re very busy and usually I’m helping people pick out the perfect book. Or somewhat perfect at least. (I take that back as well. I spend just as much time helping people on the computer.)

My favorite genres to read are fantasy,  historical fiction, mystery and romance and YA.

For the most part I’ll give anything a try if it looks interesting enough to me.

Other things I love: sparkles, pastels, neutral colors, black, green, purple, glitter, cats, cats again, cute things, bookmarks, pins, candles, good books, hot chocolate, hot tea, sweet tea, white powdered donuts and enchiladas. These are in no particular order.


cat circe
Circe, my cat